Message In A Wallet Scheme

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A “Message In Your Wallet” is for the use of anyone away from home. It provides emergency services and hospitals with details of any illness or allergy you may have together with contact names.

It’s available free of charge from :

  • Libraries
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Hillingdon Carers
  • Age UK

Message in a Wallet is a handy way to keep all your medical information on your person while out and about.

Good reasons to carry a wallet:

It’s secure. No personal info is revealed, only telephone numbers.

It’s free of charge and available to everyone.

It gives all the information needed if you are taken ill while out and about locally, on a day trip or further afield.

It’s easy to replace if your medication or circumstances change. Without it would you remember all that information?

It’s handy when attending hospital appointments and it helps medical professionals administer the correct treatment to you.

It’s easily carried in a wallet or purse and saves you having to carry a copy of your prescription around.

The best thing about Message in a Wallet is – it’s there if you need it, otherwise it’s just a little card in your purse or wallet.

Message in a Wallet contains:

  • Your details, including blood group. (no address)
  • Details of any condition, illness or allergies.
  • Medication.
  • Doctor’s details.
  • Carer/Health Visitor details.
  • Next of kin/Contact Person.
  • Details of anyone who may rely on you.
  • Information about a pet that may need to be cared for.
  • A page of other information that may be relevant in an emergency situation.

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