End of Year Newsletter



What have Ruislip Lions been up to since the last newsletter?

Our first major event was a Tin Shake at Waitrose Car Park. The session was set up by Lion Julie and the weekend led by Lion Phil. Ten Ruislip Lions set to with trying to use our new card reader. The more IT savvy did well but others felt it safer to stick to cold hard cash. We did so well over the weekend 8th October raising over £750.00 for our local charities specifically Childhood Cancer. It was a chilly weekend, but this did not seem to dampen the spirits of Lions collectors or Waitrose shoppers- a massive thank you to everyone.

Hot on the heels of fund raising came the restart of our service activities. Several Ruislip Lions help with the Carers Café at Ruislip Manor Methodist Church; Lion Fred runs the sessions and makes a mean cup of tea and coffee but is not so good on the washing up! Volunteer carers come for a coffee and a chat to share concerns and some happy moments; just those few minutes of respite meeting with others doing a similar job can really lift the spirits of the carers and the lions come to that!

In addition to new ideas to serve the community we still maintain our food

bank collections, this last month October 1895.3 kg of food from our 3 main

supermarkets, our grateful thanks to all who contribute.

As a group we would love to welcome new members. If you are interested in helping us raise funds for local charities and would like to join our friendly group please contact our membership officer on 07833107888.

For further information on Ruislip Lions see our website (below), Facebook and Twitter. Our main message from Ruislip Lions is to continue to Keep Well and Stay Safe. Hope all our readers have an enjoyable Christmas and best wishes for 2022.

To find out more about Ruislip Lions, telephone Lion Jackie Lack, our Membership Chair,

on  020 8429 1130 or visit our Website:  www.ruisliplions.co.uk