Unclaimed Raffle Prizes from Comedy of Errors

Ruislip Lions are holding the unclaimed prizes from the raffle held on Saturday during the Illyria performance. These were won by the following Numbers : 36 yellow, 22. Yellow, 246 green , 401 white,  63 yellow. Please telephone: 01895 633 501 to arrange collection


Illria performed “Comedy of Errors in Manor Farm Ruislip

In their 26th open-air touring season, and renowned all over the world for their clarity, quality and ingenuity, Illyria returned to their home-turf: Shakespearean comedy last night. The money raised by Ruislip Lions club who hosted the troupe will support Lions charities.

There were some really great picnics brought along and enjoyed by those attending

Rain did not stop play and the “Show went on”

The evening was then brightened up again with a magnificent rainbow